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Seasons on Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a tropical island with great temperatures and 8 to 10 hours sun all around the year. If you are wondering what is the best time to visit Zanzibar we have prepared something special for you. On the botton of this page you can read about the weather and activities you can do in every month.

Jozani Forest

The Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is a 50 km2 (19 sq mi) Zanzibar national park. It is  beautifuly and naturally preserved forest ...

Diving & snorkeling

In Zanzibar you can explore the wonders of Zanzibar coral reef – either on the diving trip with local professional diving school or ...

Spice tour

The Spice Tour is a great opportunity to experience the most exotic spices such as clove, nutmeg, cinnamon & vanilla. It is a relaxing ...

Stown Town

This atmospheric and mystical town is the cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar. It was built as the capitol city of Oman empire in ...

Safari Blue with chances to meet the dolphins

Spend unforgattable day in traditional wooden dhow, you may swim & try snorkeling & if you are lucky the doplhins will come to play ...

Play golf in Zanzibar

Discover an unique golf course with spectacular all-round views and one of the best on the African continent. Peter Matkovitch designed ...

Swahili culture tour

Culture tour is a great way to come closer to the richness of Swahili culture – its music & dance, food traditions, visual arts ...

Zanzibar a great kite - surfing destination

Zanzibar is a kite new destination – its whole east coast is ideal with far away reef creating blue shallow water to do safe kitesurfing.

Prison Island

This small island called Changuu Island is about 5.km north-west of Stone Town, originally established as a prison for rebellious slaves ...

Weather on Zanzibar

January - March

- sunny & rather on the hot side with temperatures above 32 degrees C - for those who really like tropical experience. It is very sunny, little rain with unique experience of strong & short rain falls followed by a sun - very refreshing, humidifying experience. Sun is up to 10 hours per day while the breeze is tempering the heat. It is best time for wind & kite surfing - Kaskazi is the strong N-E wind, very steady reaching 25 knots/ hr ...!

The Indian ocean around Zanzibar is always very pleasant - January to March its gest to 29 degrees. Come enjoy it.

- Zanzibar is a great food destination - with the wonderful mix of African / Arabic & Indian cuisine, the nature of island brings the richness of sea food with coral reef species and the wonderful variety of fruits - all natural / organically grown. Seasonally it is changing & this time of the year it is a mango season. Go for it

- There is plenty to visit on Zanzibar island - starting from amazing UNESCO World heritage Stone Town - a middle east medina in the heart of Africa , famous from its dismal history, cultural mix, museums like Beit al-Sahel and of course Zanzibar doors! During the February on Zanzibar there is also great opportunity for music lovers. Sauti za Busara Music Festival in the middle of February runs for 5 days. The festival was hailed as 'the friendliest festival on the planet’.

- it is a season for unique local fruit varieties:  shoki-shoki , papayas & sun drenched fantastic watermelons. Come, ask to for & enjoy it.

April - May

It is so called Mvua Kubwa (big rainy season) - while temperature remains tropical but falling below 29°C (84°F)  there is more & more rainfall - April can still be on the dry side but May is really rainy with up to 15 rainy days & rains are really wild & strong, the rivers of rain. It is some type of experience however most of the hotels are closed in the month of May.

The rain however brings the richness of nature - the colourfulness of flowers, richness of fruits - April & May are pineapple & papaya season.

This is a great moment to see Mbweni Botanical gardens with over 650 species of plants or make a trip to some spice farms to experience the richness of Zanzibar spices & its spice growing tradition.

With fewer tourist on the island we recommend visiting Zanzibar National Museum where you can learn more about amazing Zanzibar history & take a boat trip to Chumba Island, caller also a prison island. It was originally a quarantine place for all the maritime merchants , later served as the prison & now a great population of giant turtles  - not only kids like it ....
- the garden is bringing a richness of endemic staffeli fruits , super rich in antioxidant , best moment for pineapples & passion fruit. Really good!

June - September

When June comes to Zanzibar, the rain is over and the heaven for wind & kite surfers comes around - Kusi, the South East wind builds up & holds until October. It is every day starting right after lunch time & growing up to 20 knots in late afternoon.

It is very comfortable in this time of the year - a bit cooler - 28°C - 29°C (84°F), sunny and days little shorter still giving you a comfortable 8 hrs of sunshine every day . June can be even cooler particularly at night with wind chilling factor you may need to put a long sleeve shirt or a silk shawl, for ladies. Hardly any rain - you may freely walk to the reef on low tide to enjoy the amazing peacefulness & richness of the coral reef marine life.

Zanzibar tradition is wild & rich, established as merchant post by Portuguese colonial traders than built as a capital of Oman powerful sultanate, its economic prosperity of 19th century & Arabic culture enhanced by Indian & Swahili influence make it a place of its own. You would see it all on the island - Portuguese fort, Sultan Palace of Wanders, ruins of Persian baths & the famous Zanzibar doors. All with the colourful dress & smile of friendly Zanzibaris. Karibu (Welcome)

September is considered by many to be the best month for a vacation in Zanzibar. Almost perfect weather with no clouds and a little bit of nice wind. Visitors can expect 9,5 to 10 hours of sunshine each day! The average high temperature in September during the day is about 27°C (81°F). At night there will be mild 22°C (72°F). The water temperature is on average 26°C (79°F) and the humidity is near 55%. You can also expect almost no rain or just few inches which will bring you nice relief.

While you are there ask for one of a kind taste & health experience – bungo fruits, mangoes & jack fruits - it is the season!

October - December

October is a beautiful month to visit Zanzibar that will greet you with warm and gentle tropical weather, calm oceans’ waters, clear skies and light breezes. During this time ocean visibility is often around 25 metres or higher. In addition, tourism industry is beginning to slow down that’s why you can enjoy your holidays time even more. In the end of October there can be some light rains adding to fragrance & freshness of the air moving slowly into what is called small rain season - with 8-9 rainy days, still sunny and pleasant. Rains are sporadic but strong, not that windy anymore.

It is good to ask for mbilimbi & nyanya chungu for a unique & very local fruits experience. And it is still mango time!

Although you can still expect a daily high around 30°C (86°F) and 10 hours of sun. What is great about this period that there are fewer people on beaches, and you can relax in the royal style. For golfers - do not miss playing golf on a world unique golf course.

In December it is getting hot - with daily highs at 31°C and average at 28°C (82°F). At nights could be somewhere around 25°C (77°F) and what is more exciting you can enjoy evening markets and bazaars. Indian Ocean will not disappoint you with temperature around 27°C (81°F).

Christmas and New Years Eve on a tropical island is a once a lifetime experience. And we recommend trying this at least once. Even if Zanzibar is predominantly Muslim population, Christmas is celebrated here. The weather is very nice, and visitors will be satisfied with 10 hours of sun. On the 9th of December there is Zanzibar's Independence and Republic Day celebrated with fireworks and evening parties that you can participate.

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